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You gazed into the sky, counting airplanes and just about anything, your tail flicked lazily as your legs dangled off the side of the skyscraper you were currently on. Your horns went up from right above your ears and then curved forwards like a bulls, fading from black at the base to a light blue. Your tail was similar in color and ended in a wicked point, both edges sharp, glinting in the setting sun. Your hair was parted heavily to the right, the left side of your head shaved and pitch black, your (e/c) eyes flashing in the sun as your large wings unfurled, also fading from black to blue. Most demons got to choose what color it faded to, but you had never been able to, being stuck with blue. You wore tight black leather pants with combat boots and a ribbed tank top, an upside down cross hanging from a chain around your neck, along with a ring on the same chain. You don't really remember who the ring was from, just a flash of red and almost silver, the feeling of smooth lips moving against yours in a rhythm and grace almost sinful, and you know sinful.

"Hey [Name]! You ready for the hunt?" Roy. What. A. Nuisance.

"Of course Roy." You don't glance at him, preferring to see a prettier sight, like the stars. You sense him move behind you and all of a sudden there's a shove and you're toppling forward, your wings snapping out and pushing down powerfully. "What. The. Fuck."

You see Roy sneering at you, his eyes flashing angrily, his disfigured face inches from yours. "You look at me when I talk to you, you little whore."

You grin slyly "Be careful what you say Roy, you don't want to upset me." You grab Roy's crotch and squeeze, making him squirm in pain. "It would be very unfortunate if you couldn't play with your toys."

"Sorry." His teeth are clenched as he says this and you drop your hand, resting it on your hip after shoving Roy away from you.

"Get on with your hunt, and make sure you keep your appearance hidden."

"What are you gonna do." Roy is still glaring at you but you roll your eyes.

"Not hungry." You turn in the air and fold your wings, dropping like a rock quickly. You snap your wings out again and lower yourself into an alley, morphing so that your horns, tail and wings are molded into your skin. You pull a leather jacket from your pocket, fingerless gloves matching. You don the clothes and head off into town, looking around for who knows what. You wander, sniffing occasionally to scent all the humans around you, bumping into you and not saying sorry. You spot a music store and smirk, heading towards it quickly as you look around. You absently play with one of the studs on your lower lip as you walk in, already browsing one of the music sections, edm.

"Can I help you with anything?" You look up and go to say 'no I'm good' but you're stopped in your tracks as you stare at the boy next to you. He looks to be about 19, with almost white blonde hair and aviator shades. Your eyes widen as flashes of red and almost white fly through your mind. It couldn't be... "Hello? You okay? You look as if you've seen a ghost or something."

"I..." You blink rapidly and rub your eyes "sorry you just looked really familiar.." Your hand goes to the ring on the chain and his brow furrows slightly.

"Sorry, I've never seen you before, unless you were at one of my gigs."

You shake off the feeling of déjà vu and your face turns emotionless. "My mistake."

"I've never seen you around here before, you new?" You feel his eyes scanning your body and you shrug.

"I travel a lot."

"Cool. Names Dave, Dave Strider."

"[full name]."

"You into that freaky cult shit?"

You frown "freaky cult shit?"

"The cross."

You smile slyly and lean a hip against the shelf "you could say that."

You can see his eyes narrow behind his shades "Cool."

You scan over his body and take a deep breath, smirking as his scent hits your nostrils. His blood is rich, AB+, rare and very delicious, with a hint of spice. "As nice as it was meeting you, I gotta fly, it's almost midnight." The boy visually stiffens and you raise an eyebrow. You hear him mutter under his breath and you chuckle darkly, standing up straight. "Something wrong Dave?"

Dave seems almost angry, though he tries hard to hide it. "I think you should leave."

You shrug but can't help but feeling a little hurt "Alright. See you later." As you turn to leave you hear him scoff.

"Don't count on it." You're almost to the door when you realize something.

"Hey Dave?"

"What." You turn back to see his arms crossed and his stance defensive.

"Do you have a brother?" In an instance you're slammed against the wall with an arm over your neck, cutting off your air. You wince slightly as your back hits the wall and look up at Dave.

"What the fuck did you just say?"

You growl low in your throat but don't move "I said, do you have a brother?"

He scowls angrily "Yeah, so what?"

"I know him." The pressure on your throat increases until its almost uncomfortable.

"He's dead." You grab his arm and push him away from you.

"Yes, he is. C'mon ill bring you to him."

Dave seems conflicted, but nods and motions for you to show the way. You walk out onto the streets quickly and head for an alleyway. Dave follows you warily and doesn't go into the alley, watching you suspiciously.

"You have to trust me Dave, no matter what you see."

"Just hurry up." You let yourself morph and you can see that Dave is shocked, frozen in place.

"C'mon Dave hurry up." Dave unfreezes and dashes into the alley, looking back to see if anyone followed.

"What the fuck are you?"

"I'll explain later, I need to get back to base or he'll be mad at me again!" You wrap an arm around his waist and take off into the air, flying quickly while he wraps a leg around yours to stabilize himself as you zip through the air. You come back to the same skyscraper and set him down, only to stumble back when someone slams into you. You gasp harshly as your wing is wrenched underneath you, a tall form on top of you, a foot pressed against your throat.

"[name] you have two seconds to explain why you brought this human here."

You gasp for air and try to move his foot. "D-dirk... He's your..."

"Is he that boy you fell in love with? The one that you were going to endanger us all for?" The foot presses down more and your breathing is cut off as you struggle less.


"I can't hear you [name]. Speak up."

"Bro!" Suddenly the pressure is gone and you can breathe just as your vision almost goes black. Dirk whirls around on his heels and growls, stiffening at the sight of Dave.  You gasp for air and sit up, scrambling back on your butt till your lower back is pressed against the low wall as your hurt wing throbs. Your hand is on your throat as Dave stares a Dirk.

"Dave?" Dirk looks back at you just as you look at him, your eyes wide and scared. He looks back at Dave and you can hear a waver in his voice as he speaks. "Hey lil' man. You've grown up since I last saw you."

"I thought you were dead."

"I am, in a way. I was almost dead when she found me." He jerks a thumb towards you and you flinch, curling up in a tight ball. It was true, you had found him laying in a field nearly dead, and so you turned him, seeing he was strong and a very capable fighter. He immediately challenged Roy for leadership and won, though sparing Roy. "If not for her I would be dead."

"She... She turned you? Why?" Dave looks at you and Dirk turns to look at you, murmuring.

"I'd like to know that myself."

You stare up at the two, so much alike, so much like him.. A flash of red and white against your vision again before you hear Dirk clear his throat. "You..." Your voice is weak and Dave moves forward so he can hear. "You reminded me of someone that I knew.. When I  was 4 years past being turned.. That was 6,982 years ago that I was turned... I don't remember his name, all I remember is a flash of red and white.." Your head is starting to hurt and you know that either your wing is broken or you've torn various muscles. Your neck is on fire as you clear it and try to stand up, only to wobble and stumble back against the wall, almost falling over the edge if not for a hand suddenly on your wrist holding you. You blink to clear your vision as your head swims and you see Dave and Dirk on either side of you, right before your vision goes black and you go limp on the edge of the skyscraper.

~small timeskip~

You're a freshly turned demon, and starving. The scent of AB+ mixed with spice wafts by you, making your eyes flash a bright blue before you dive down to the city below. You don't know the date, you haven't for a while, but you don't care. You land and morph, following the scent to a small cottage where a man of 23 stands dressed in red, his white blonde hair slicked back out of his ruby eyes. You fell in love instantly, and things went down hill from there.

Your eyes snap open, flashing bright blue and you sit up gasping, looking around the familiar room. You sit on the edge of the bed and look down to see you're in nothing but your tank top and some shorts. The door opens and your eyes shoot to whoever is walking in. 'Strange, how did I get to my room?'

"You awake?" You stiffen and shoot away from the door as Dirk leans against the door frame. You press yourself against the wall as your throat aches and you draw in a breath. "Hey, chill out. I'm not going to do anything to you."

"Where am I."

"Where do you think. I brought you back to your room after you decided to faint like a pussy."

"Oh sorry Princess, I forgot I was supposed to be able to breathe after my trachea was crushed." You glare at him and press you hand to your throat.

Dirk sighs almost angrily and pinches the bridge of his nose. "Anyways. I wanted to thank you."

"For what? Not dying?"

You can hear him grit his teeth "For bringing Dave here."

You scowl and turn your head to the side as you mutter "I wish I hadn't."

You hear Dirk shift as footsteps are heard and a voice calling for Dirk. "Yeah lil' man she's awake." You scowl more and glare at Dirk.

"I don't want to see him."

"I didn't ask if you did."

"Tch.. Great, unwanted guests."

"Deal with it. You brought him here."

"Again, wishing I hadn't." You see Dirk stiffen just a tiny bit and smile in your head, you may have found a soft spot. You see Dave next to Dirk and Dirk steps forward to let him in as Dave strides in, his shades ever present.

"Sup [name]."

"Hello." You see your leather pants on a chair and get up, heading towards them. "To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you at..." You hum for a moment "3:41 in the morning?" You stretch then hook your thumbs under the waistband of your shorts, letting them drop as there's a cough. You look over your shoulder and raise an eyebrow at Dave, who's face is a light pink. "Watch if you want I don't care." You turn back to what your doing and tug the pants on, securing the button and zipper. "Dirk." You turn, straightening out your tank top and ruffling your hair.


"Where's my ring."

"You had a ring?" You can feel Dirk look at you through those stupid pointy shades of his and you hold up the cross. "It was on this chain. Where did it go."

"You're asking me this why?"

"Because I never take it off." Dirk snorts and pulls it out of his pocket, tossing it to you. Instead of putting it on the chain again you slip it on your thumb and rub your forehead. "We have any coffee?"

"No." You hear Dirk leave and sigh in relief, rolling your shoulders and popping your neck.

"So [name]. You say you're 6,998 years old?"

"6,982, I don't count my human years."

"You were 16 then."

"Wow you must be Sherlock, I never would've figured that out."

"Funny. C'mon, we're going out." You open your eyes and raise an eyebrow at the command, but shrug and lace up your combat boots. You drag him out of your room and lock the door behind you, motioning for him to lead. While you two walk you morph so you appear human, and you purse your lips in thought. You walk out of the building and look up at the morning sky, not noticing Dave watching you. "[name]."

"Hmm?" You look at Dave, taking a whiff of the air while you do so.

"What's with the snake bites?"

You flick the studs on the edge of your bottom lip near each corner and shrug. "I used to bite my lip with my fangs a lot. They prevent me from doing so."

"Fangs?" You nod and grin widely, showing off sharp fangs. "Cool. Demons feed off blood?"

"Yes. You smell delicious by the way."

"Uh, thanks?" You smile and roll your eyes.

"Anyways, where are we going?"

"Wander around till a coffee shop opens. Who's Roy?"

"Roy? Oh he's the old leader, ugly face, bad attitude. Thinks he can still control me."

"Seems like a regular guy if you ask me."

You snort and roll your eyes "you saying your face is disfigured?"

"Hell no."

You roll your eyes "Typical Strider." You and Dave wander around for a few hours, holding hands when people start rushing on the sidewalks so you don't get separated. Dave pulls you into a little cafe and you two take a seat in a booth near the back. You order a black coffee and Dave gets a coffee heavy with vanilla and a shot of espresso. When you get your coffee you immediately take a huge swig of the scalding liquid.

"Woah chill [name], you'll burn yourself."

You stick your tongue out before taking another swig. "I'm starving, so bite me."

"That's your job."

"Are you saying you want me to bite you?" Dave falls silent and you grin, sipping what's left of your coffee.

"If I did want you to bite me?"

"Then I gladly would." You look at him over your cup and raise an eyebrow, looking at the vein running up his neck. "Not to ruin the mood or anything, but do you like biting?" Dave looks out the window and doesn't say anything, unconsciously showing more of his neck. Your eyes travel over the pale skin and your stomach grumbles. You  set the coffee cup down quickly and go to slide out of the booth.

"[Name]? Where are you going?"

"I have to feed. Now."

"Then feed on me." You stop on your way out of the booth and turn back to him.

"I can't Dave."

"You can too [Name], no one is stopping you." You look at him and he slips out of booth, taking your hand and pulling you out of the cafe, heading down the street. He steps into and alley and pulls you along, glancing at you occasionally.

"Dave I-"

Dave presses his lips to yours suddenly and shushes you. "Just bite me already."

You nod weakly and nuzzle his chin lightly, causing him to tip his head back as you run your lips along his neck. You nuzzle his neck and sink your fangs into the vein pulsing with blood. He stiffens for a moment but relaxes as you wrap your arms around him and kneed his back as you suck on his neck, reveling at the taste. You hear Dave moan and suck harder, gripping his back as you press him against the brick wall.

"[N-name]..." You stop drinking from him and run your tongue over the puncture wounds, lapping at the left over blood on his neck. Your hearing is better than ever and all colors are brighter as you rub his back to promote circulation. "Why did you stop?"

"I can't take too much, or you wouldn't be able to walk." You look up at him and grin. You look at the puncture wounds to find them scabbed over already. "We should get back before the sun sets."


"Because that's when everyone else comes out to feed, and I can't fight everyone off." You squeeze him in a quick hug and take his hand, running out of the alley and towards the skyscraper. You two jog up the many stairs to the top and look up at the sunset. You sit on the edge with your legs dangling and Dave leans next to you, his back against your side and he leans his head back on your shoulder. You scoot closer to him, soaking up his warmth as you growl in satisfaction. You stay like that for a few hours, watching the stars and moon in the sky, shining on your resting forms. You hear the door open and a whoosh of air as Dave is suddenly plucked from beside you. You stir from the doze you had fallen in and turn to see Dirk tipping Dave's chin up as his eyes lock on the puncture wounds. You turn and slide off the ledge, stumbling a bit and blinking sleepily.

"Hmmph what's going on..?"

"[Name]. You have two seconds."

You yawn and rub your eyes "huh..?" Dirk turns to you and stalks towards you, making you back up until your legs hit the wall.

"Did you bite him?"

You blink and nod, struggling to understand what's going on. You see his fists clench and you draw in a breath. "I hadn't fed in months..."

"So you chose to feed on him?" He's dangerously calm and you don't like it at all, your heart rate picks up and your vision blurs.


"Stay out of this lil' man."

Dirk growls and you flinch, backing up more, although there's no room to back up and you're toppling over the edge, unable to fly seeing as your wing is still wrecked. You gasp as you hear a shout and see Dave leaning over the edge staring at you as you fell. You know you won't die from the fall, but it will render you useless for a matter of weeks. You close your eyes as your hair whips around you, tickling your skin. You can sense the ground approaching when your body is jerked roughly out of its free fall and your eyes snap open to see Dirk, his tangerine orange wings flapping powerfully to lift him into the sky quickly. You close your eyes again and let Dirk carry you back to the top. You feel Dirk land and arms hold you against a warm body as your eyes flutter open and you see Dave staring down at you worriedly and you smile, leaning your head against his chest and staring up at him.

"[Name]? [Name] are you okay?" You feel fingers running through your hair and you growl, leaning into the sensation.

"Mhmm.. Just tired.."

"Then go to sleep. Ill be here when you wake up." You nod and fall into a dreamless sleep, curling up in a tight ball.

~oh look another timeskip~

"[Name]... Why are you here? What do you want?"

"I want you to accept me for who I am..."

"You're the spawn of Satan!" Your heart shatters and your face falls along with your shoulders, your gaze being cast down.

Your eyes flutter open and the first thing you notice is that 1. It's gotten cold and there are like ten blankets on you and 2. There's a very warm half naked Strider next to you, his shades absent. Freckles dot across his nose and cheeks underneath his eyes. His lashes are long and brush his cheeks, his hair swept across his forehead. You draw patterns across his chest, snuggling up to him under all the blankets on the bed. You close your eyes and are almost asleep when you feel fingers caress your cheek, stroking gently and lightly. You hum and open your eyes half way looking up to see Dave gazing down at you, rubies staring into (e/c). Your eyes widen as red flashes across your vision, memories from long, long ago assaulting your mind.


"Leave her be lil' man, she's remembering."

"Remembering what?" Dave looks to see Dirk in the doorway, his hair disheveled.


"But I just met her."

"Reincarnation. She's been looking for you for over 6,978 years." You blink rapidly and crumple against his chest, your breathing shallow. Dirk straightens up and turns to leave "make sure she's alright." Dirk disappears and Dave runs a hand through your hair and up your back soothingly.





"I love you." Your eyes widen more and you grin happily, nuzzling his neck, running your fangs over his skin lightly. He gasps at the sensation and grips your back, making a noise that almost sounds like whimpering. "I love you too Dave.."

"Bite me." You snicker and do as he says, sinking your fangs into the tender flesh, relishing the almost spiciness of his blood. You don't drink much, and again lick at the blood dribbling from the twin puncture wounds.

"C'mon, you need some juice and cookies."

"Apple juice?"

"Mhmm." You sit up and he does too, his eyes roaming over your bare shoulders. You grin and slip out of bed and stand up, noting that you're in the same shorts as before. He groans and reaches for his shades, slipping them on and getting up unsteadily and stretching. You pad over to him and take his hand, heading for the kitchen. Dave stumbles along with you and you smile, tugging occasionally to make him stumble. You sit him down in a chair and rummage through the cupboards, tossing a pack of cookies at Dave and heading for the apple juice. You pour two large glasses and hand one to Dave, who gulps it down quickly while munching on the cookies.


"Yeah Dave?"

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For finding me."
Look at what happens when I get random inspiration and have a buttload of time to myself! Sorry for the very long one-shot (Thought I may write an epilogue if you guys want)
Dave and Dirk DO NOT belong to me, they belong to Hussie!
You belong to you!
I own no one but Roy!
Cover picture is not mine so props to whoever!
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